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Welcome to East Fork Special Utility District

To report leaks or service problems 972-442-7572 (24 hours)
Billing or other questions        972-442-7572 (normal business hours)
Office hours                       Monday - Friday 8am-4pm


Deposit Payments

All deposits must be paid with cash or check. Deposit payments can be delivered or mailed to our office. Click "Contact Us" at the top to find our mailing address.

Water Usage Graph

Here is a graph showing typical usage in the summer for Irrigation use and possibly a leak.

Click here for an example graph.

Stage 3 Water Conservation Measures have been lifted.

Residents urged to conserve water, check for leaks around the house.

Click here for more information



All customers are encouraged to continue using water wisely.East Fork SUD bills are mailed to you before the first of each month. It is due upon receipt of your bill in the mail. You may pay the Net amount (lesser amount shown) up to and on the 15th of each month. After the 15th, you will pay a $10.00 late fee
Your bills are hand-delivered to the Wylie Post Office each month. We do not have any control over what happens to your bill after that. If you do not receive your bill by the end of the first week of the month, please call our office and ask for your bill amount.

We offer several different payment methods: 

  • Check or Money Order
  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard or Discover with an additional 3% convenience fee. ( For example, if your bill is $35.76, you will pay an additional $1.07 for the convenience fee for a total of $36.83.)
  • Cash: this is preferably received in the office or through the tube system during office hours. Do not send cash in the mail or put it through the door slot after –hours.
  • On-Line Payments:  Online credit card payments may be made here for a 3 percent fee. You must know your account number and bill amount.
  • Phone Payments:   Phone payments may be completed by calling 469-666-4037. A convenience fee will be added for this payment option. You must know your account number and bill amount.
If you receive a yellow Final Notice card in the mail, please pay the amount shown upon receipt or by the day BEFORE the disconnect date indicated. For example, if the disconnect date shown on the card is 8/31/09, payment must be in our office by 8/30. The disconnect DATE is the day your service will be disconnected for non-payment and we start at 8 AM. Due to the high volume of payments on the 15th and on the day before disconnections, we ask that you make your payments as soon as you receive the bill or the yellow Final Notice card.
You may send payment through the mail, come to our office and go through the pneumatic tube lanes, come into the office, or drop payments through the door slot (mainly for after-hour payments). We also offer automatic Bank Draft (no fees, but requires our form and a voided check) or automatic Authorized Credit Card payment (adds a 3% convenience fee; sign up online). You may also call 469-666-4037 to pay with a credit/debit card. We are unable to accept checks over the phone.
The Texas Parks and Wildlife has valuable information regarding invasive species including zebra mussels on their website (click here)



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