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Our Forms

  • SERVICE AGREEMENT: Only mail the last page, signed and dated. Please include EMPLOYER, ADDRESS OF EMPLOYMENT, SOCIAL SECURITY #, AND THE DATE YOU CLOSED ON YOUR HOME. If you are renting, please include your landlordís name and address. A $100.00 deposit is required for each new account with East Fork S.U.D.
  • DEFERRED PAYMENT AGREEMENT: A deferred payment agreement allows you the opportunity to bring your account balance current and keep your utility account in good standing.
  • EMERGENCY LEAK REQUEST: Authorizes us to turn your water off at your meter should our maintenance crew spot a major leak on the property and no one is home. There are NO service trip charges involved. Please disregard that paragraph on the agreement.
  • HOW TO CHECK FOR A WATER LEAK Unfortunately, our maintenance operators are not able to assist you in finding a possible leak on your property due to time constraints. You may contact a plumber for this service or try to find the source of the continual water flow yourself.
  • PRIVACY/PERSONAL ACCOUNT INFO FORM: This entails a one-time $2.00 charge to keep ALL East Fork information on your account private, including monthly usages, payment history, phone numbers, employer, etc. This is an optional item in the Customer Service Packet. We do not give out social security numbers except to law enforcement.
  • ACH DEBIT/BANK DRAFT FORM: This allows you to pay your water bill each month without worry of forgotten/past due bills. You still receive a monthly bill that will state the date of withdrawal from your checking account, usually on the 15th of each month. A voided check with this form will initiate the processing.
  • SERVICE RATES/CHARGES : This is for your information only. We mail bills out before the 1st of each month, due and payable when you receive it. After the 15th, a late fee is assessed and a pink FINAL NOTICE card is sent stating a disconnect date. Your bill must be paid BEFORE this date to ensure continuation of water service. If your meter is locked for non-payment, there will be a $70.00 reconnect fee that must be paid before 3 pm on the day of disconnect in order to have service restored. There is a $85.00 reconnect fee if your bill is paid after 4 pm on the day of disconnect and your meter is unlocked after hours.
  • ALTERNATE BILLING AGREEMENT FOR RENTAL ACCTS: Required of all owners of rental properties
  • ALTERNATE BILLING AGREEMENT: Authorization to send all billings on my account to a different location.
  • Drought Contingency and Emergency Response Plan:



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